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Features :

◆ Special design for large number samples
MultiVac 310-MS-T is an economical model for large sample filtration. This system includes vacuum pump, manifold, waste bottle and magnetic filter holders.

◆ Light and handy aluminum design 
The manifold is made of anodized aluminum which is autoclavable, light and cost-effective.

 Magnetic filter holder is included
Magnetic filter holder allows one-handed operation, prevents possible twisting and tearing of the membrane.

◆ 4 liter PP waste bottle with drain
The large capacity of 4000ml waste bottle with drain offers convenience of collecting and draining waste solution.

Applications :
◆ Filtration for suspended solid test
◆ Filtration for microbiology test
◆ General laboratory filtration

Ordering Information :

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◆ 180311-11(22)-T   MultiVac 310-MS-T Vacuum Filtration System, complete set includes :
* Rocker 400, Oil Free Vacuum Pump
* MultiVac 310-MS, 3-Places Aluminum Manifold
* 300ml Magnetic filter holder (3 pcs)
* 4000 ml PP Waste Bottle with drain
* Silicone Tube (2m)

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Rocker MultiVac 310-MS-T, Vacuum Filtration System

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